Another New Year

Every new year I see people excited, making plans for the new year’s eve and goals for next year. I was a similar happy camper until my parents passed away. Now, on the last day of the year, first thought that comes to my mind is “Another year they will not be able to see”. In the next thought, I am reminded of my own mortality. The new year is part of my life and my initial thought only applies until I live. It feels a little scary to question ourselves – “Is this going to be the last year of my life?” Then a moment of courage immerges saying “If it is, I want to die with no regrets”.

So, this year I promise myself to have 365 days of happiness. I pledge to,

  1. Be more present in the current moment of life instead of technology.
  2. Concentrate more on positive moments/experiences of life so my brain can recollect them often instead of their evil twin :-).
  3. Improve contact with family and friends.

Not a big list but an important one to remember in this fast paced world.



An affair with death

“The most painful goodbyes are the ones never said and never explained” – By someone.

In my 32 years of life, I have seen my two mothers (Mother and grandma) die of lung disease. I lost my father suddenly when my daughter turned 6 months old. Loosing the people who brought you up is heartwrenching. This year brings another death in our family. My uncle passed away today. He was suffering with multiple problems from past few month and was in ICU kept alive by a ventilator machine. He was a healthy person who started a third career as a manager at a relative’s office after retirement. He had been a business man all his life. Owned textile factories in his 30s and setup his own business with a famous Indian brand wholesale agency in his 50s.  After retirement he couldn’t sit at home and started working again. He had a good life living with his family (wife, son, daughter-in-law,  father). He used to go for walks every day with my aunt.

Suddenly,one day he fell sick with diabetes, jaundice, later with infection and then lung fibrosis. All these problems arose in a span of 4 weeks. It was like someone had pulled the trigger on his life.

Ever since the doctors confirmed that there was no hope left for him, I started thinking about life and death.  What is the purpose of life? Everything new born thing is fragile at start, gets stronger with age, starts withering after a while, becomes fragile again and dies. This is the circle of life for every being on Earth. A constant relationship exists between life and death from the moment we are conceived. Sometimes, external forces play a role in the start of our affair with death. But an affair it is when our time is up. We have so many to dos in our life’s list that we forget the actual purpose of life- To LIVE HAPPILY. So, why don’t we accept the fact, ignore life’s to do list and just have two to dos that is to be Happy and take care of our health.

As my husband says, life is a paradise when we are happy :-).

Should you buy a smart watch

I thought about this a lot – Should I spend money on a smart watch? Is it worth it? What would be the benefits of owning a smart watch? Like a phone, a watch isn’t a necessity. It’s just a nice to have. There are cheap smart watch options available on Amazon to get phone calls and text alerts. But if you are spending money you might as well go for a good model with additional features like fitness, gps and much more.

As I was interested in owning a wearable device, I tried pebble time first. Pebble’s price range seemed reasonable. The simple interface of pebble, the ease of setup, sleep and fitness monitoring were likable. But the lack of speaker phone and functionality to answer phone calls were a turn down. My main reason for trying out a smart watch was to refrain myself from using iPhone in front of my 2yr old who has acquired an affinity for phones. You could argue that if a toddler can learn how to use a phone and open YouTube by themselves, they can surely figure out any smart device. That would be correct but the tiny display on smart watches isn’t something that catches their eye much.

I have been using Apple Watch for over a month now. The integration of watch with iPhone and life feels seamless. I don’t have to hold on to my phone unless I want to send long messages or make phone calls in private. For most part of the day, I forget I am wearing the watch. Tap notifications are a reminder. It took some time to remember that I can look at the time on my wrist instead of the computer or phone :-).

The watch has helped me set fitness goals. Every week I set a calorie, exercise and stand goal for each day of the coming week. You get reward badges for various achievements from going over your goal to achieving a new maximum. It has helped me exercise more. GPS taps are a plus although it takes some time to get used to it. For most part, my hands feel free from having to hold something (My phone) all the time.

One hesitation I had before buying the watch was the attachment we have to our phones now-a-days. There isn’t a place where we don’t take our phones with us. I should say most of us. So, my concern was that this addiction of being connected will increase with the watch. Not quite so. I hardly check my phone for messages or call alerts. I know the ever so helpful Taptic Engine will alert me as soon as they are delivered. The most used app on my phone now is kindle.

Often I have made phone calls from my wrist while cooking, walking towards the car or doing laundry. It’s just so easy and feels like the technology is invisible. We are in the future NOW.

End of another year

Another year has gone by and a new one is beginning in few hours. The first thing that comes to my mind every year end is that my parents won’t be able to see it. Every new movie that comes out and makes me laugh, touches my heart or just makes me happy, I feel my parents missed seeing that movie. When my daughter says a new word, sings, dances or does anything new, I feel they missed seeing their grand daughter and their daughter (a mom now) grow up. Then, a hard thought hits me – “My time is running out” and my mind goes through a flashback of all the moments that I wasted with negative emotions and energy during the whole year. The thought that follows is that I missed taking care of my health during the year and next year health should be my focus. And that’s how all the new year resolutions start building up. As I go through a list of new year resolutions I try to remember if they were on my list last year but I don’t seem to remember if I made any resolutions for the year that just ended. Finally, I decide not to make any resolutions. 

But, somehow my mind cannot settle for a new year without resolutions. So, this year my resolution is going to be  – “Just relax, be happy, no negativity”. Hopefully, I can make this into a habit and remove it from the list altogether 😄.

What goes through your mind at the end and start of a year?


A creative mind never sleeps. Every moment, it keeps thinking of ways to capture, create and innovate. A photographer’s mind wants to capture all that their eyes see transforming it into pictures that live forever. A painter takes blank canvas and covers it with breathtaking beauty. An artist is connected to creativity through passion.

  Above picture was taken at the cog railway station in North Conway, NH. I am adding this picture for the daily photo challenge of “Connected” because riding the wooden train with steam engine made me feel connected to travel in 18th century.

Art is meditation

Zentangle is a form of art that seems quite popular these days for relaxing and relieving stress. I have also heard of color books for adults that help calm you down. The more we advance in technology, the more I see people coming closer to art too. Some want to get away from it and try traditional art forms and some use technology to satisfy their creative muse.  But they all create which leads to happiness and peace within. It’s like meditating in your personal way.

Applying Mehndi (Henna) feels like meditation to me. I just concentrate on the design and its placement which is refreshing for someone looking at the computer screen for 8hrs a day.

What art form helps you meditate?




Today was a good day

When I saw last week’s photo challenge on daily post, it sounded interesting. But I kept thinking what constitutes a good day for me. Just a week before the photo challenge I had the opportunity to click some nice pictures of my daughter playing on patio and in our backyard. It was early evening and we all had fun hanging out together enjoying our new home. I felt good and peaceful spending time away from work, phone and capturing beautiful memories for us. So, when I saw the photo challenge “Today was a good day”, I immediately thought of this day with my family. The more I thought about it, I came up with below list of things that would make a good day for me.

  1. See my little one laugh and giggle.
  2. Relaxing with a good cup of masala or ginger chai.
  3. Making bread
  4. Spending quality time with my family.
  5. Eating tasty food.
  6. Doing something creative – photography, blogging or cooking.
  7. Seeing the forest behind feeling peaceful with birds chirping in the background.

The list might go on but the post really made me think what I want from a good day. Basically, to be happy and remember to appreciate life.

A Good day to you 🙂