Chai/Tea – The most popular beverage in the world

Here is my favorite beverage of all times. Chai as we call it in India is the most common and popular drink available throughout the country. The taste varies according to the ingredients used. The extra ingredients can be Ginger, mint/pudina, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and tea masala each giving a unique taste. Hence, we have a variety of teas (ginger tea, cinnamon tea etc.) to choose from when we go to local stores.

Below are some pictures of home made Chai made with ginger and mint leaves.

Ginger & Pudina Chai

Chai and traditional hand masher

A Close up

Fresh Mint Leaves

I have many cherished and funny memories associated with chai. The funny one is when my roommate made tea with great effort and put salt in tea instead of sugar. Chai smelled nice and we thought it had turned out good before tasting it. But just after one sip, it was declared to be salt water that smelled like tea :).

Please feel free to share your memories.



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