Me -A Handbook for Life

I started reading this book by Harsha Bharadia a month ago. I like to read non-fiction books at a slow pace. Still got 70 pages to go. What I liked was the way Harsha has explained important things in life like Goals, Body, Love, Self Esteem and Happiness. Her style is simple and makes us listen to her. It is helpful and entertaining owning to the examples, drawings and quotes provided. I wanted to share two pictures that I found to be true for most of us.

We always talk or visualize about our future and dreams. Many times it so happens that we are totally immersed in getting to that perfect future and forget to live in the present. Same is the case for our past experiences. We pass hours thinking and discussing about our past experiences. There are very few times when we live and enjoy in the present.

I thought of taking a photo of the following drawing so that it will always remind me the importance and significance of my today.

Live in the moment

The next picture is for people who are afraid to be happy. I clicked this picture because of the humor in it. It shows a person who thought he/she would be happy later when they get a promotion or that dream car etc. instead of this moment. I hope you remember to be thankful and cherish each moment of your life instead of brooding, crying or being afraid.

Be Happy Now!

Cheers for a wonderful life!! 🙂


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