Moco’s Outing

On a sunny day during winter’s end, mommy took Moco out to the famous garden near their house. Moco was always excited to visit his favorite place. Usually, they would visit it during the week days when the crowd was less, look around, play and come back. But today a lot of unexpected things happened in their lives.

Firstly, there were a lot of visitors in the garden due to a holiday. Moco had never seen a real crowd and was afraid at first. But soon he realized that people liked him as they were taking photos of him and mommy. They even shared food with them.

Mommy & Moco at the Garden

Mommy was skeptical about humans and their food which lead to their first argument that lasted for about a minute.

Mommy & Moco in an Argument

Smelling the aroma of the food, she gave up and enjoyed the taste with Moco.

Mommy savoring food

Soon, Moco realized that mommy was only trying to protect him and they made peace.

Mommy & Moco Hug

Moco even got a chance to go up the fence of the garden and look at the beautiful scenery. Though he was afraid and curled up in mommy all the time while on the fence, he thought this was the best trip ever.

Moco curled inside Mommy on the garden fence


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