Being creative is like discovering new YOU

Never imagined that I would enjoy knitting or crocheting. My thinking was I didn’t have it in me since my Mom never liked it. But when I saw my roommate transform yarn (or at that time they were just threads for me) into beautiful purses, hats, earrings etc. I felt like I should give it a try. Her face expressed that joyful feeling after every creation and that feeling was doubled by the encouraging and appreciative comments from friends. When I first started learning crochet, I felt like I was punishing myself and pitied my poor hands and fingers. One fine day when I finally finished a small pouch and showed the photo to my mom, she was surprisingly happy. I gifted it to an aunt (who drove 20 miles just to meet me since I don’t have a car). She too was much delighted by it.

Soon, my roommate moved out and left a box of yarn behind. I started thinking about what would I do with it. I had been looking for a good iPhone cover from a long time and looking at the colorful yarns got an idea of making one. I started with a two colored yarn with a mix orange and yellow as lately I have become fond of orange (no idea why) and also shopped for more yarn, buttons and beads. Yesterday, I finished the iPhone cover after 2 weeks of crocheting in the evening (for a few minutes) and sometimes on the weekends. Below are the two pictures of my attempts at crocheting.

P.S: I also discovered that this was a good way to get away from the computer screen which I am addicted to :).

Small Pouch
iPhone Cover

A Thought – “Creativity gives you a fresh view to life and also makes you discover new things within yourself”.


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