My younger brother taught me..

My brother & I are each others best buddies. From childhood to being adults, we have shared each others happiness, weirdness, sadness, disappointments, creativity & enthusiasm. We have listened to & learned from each others experiences in life. We have come to respect each other as individuals. I find it surprising when my simple writing, blogging & poems inspire him. He finds his creativity imperfect (Since he is a perfectionist) & is surprised when I move ahead with my creative efforts inspired by him. He is the one of the most loving & caring persons that I am gifted with in this life.

I decided to write this post as I related two incidents that happened in my life past few weeks to the words my brother said some time back. I realized these were two of the most important lessons that I have learned.

First Story/Incident:

In the end of July, one of my friends & I decided to go for a walk every evening. We decided to walk 4 miles. Yes, 4 miles looked far far away & I had never walked so much in my life. For me, walking such a distance was like participating in a Marathon. Nevertheless, we started our first walk on a Sunday & to our surprise we did finish a total of 4 miles roundtrip (My friend had checked a 2 mile point from our apartment). That was my first invigorating & painful Sunday. I couldn’t sleep whole night because of the leg pain. We took rest the next day but again walked the same distance on Tuesday & most of the days then on. It became like a normal routine for us & I felt like I had crossed a threshold. This affected my work life as well. I became more confident in taking decisions for my team, handled tasks that normally my manager would handle, on my own & opened up in conversing with peers. I felt like I was a different person. On telling this story to my brother, he was happy as usual and said “Once you take risks or go out of your comfort zone & do something in your personal life, you start taking risks in your professional life as well”. An important lesson to remember – You need to shed your fears & doubts to reach a higher pedestal in life.

Second Story/Incident:

I was standing in line for security at Chicago midway airport at 5.55 am in the morning. My flight was suppose to take off at 6.35 am. Just as the line moved a little ahead, they announced boarding for my flight. I got tensed looking at the long queue in front of me. My head started calculating the time it will take to finally clear the security check. The chances of catching my plane did not look good. I decided I had to do something. I started walking to the front of the link & asked a professional looking guy if I could get in the queue before him as my flight had already started boarding. I guess looking at my worried expression, he agreed. Now I was the third person from boarding pass check point. After done with that, I was asked to join the security queue in front of me. This time I did not give my mind time to think or calculate, I just asked the guard standing besides the line if I could get ahead somehow explaining the reason behind my request. As he said “No”, another guard opened a way to two other lanes & he asked me to proceed to the new lanes. I ran towards the security point excited & happy. Finally, I went through & boarded my flight just in time. This reminded me of a situation my brother had faced a few months back. A situation which demanded action. He had gone for a job interview. He was told there would be a paper based test first & if he passed it, he would be selected for the interview. When he recieved the test, he realized it was a wrong paper & though he knew the basics, it was not his strong point. He conveyed this to the supervisor who made a note on the his paper. To our surprise my brother got a call for that job interview. So the lesson here – “If you want something in life, you take action for it”.

Hope this helps you in some way :-). Cheers!


2 thoughts on “My younger brother taught me..

  1. heyy nice article pooh!!!! reading ur blog after a long time and I can see more clarity in ur thoughts!!! two important lessons to live our lives πŸ™‚ when I was reading this it also reminded me of the movie RDB, in which they say there are two kinds of people, one who sit and watch but dont do anything about a situation when required and the other who go out and tackle it bravely, something similar to what ur brother told u πŸ™‚ keep this going πŸ™‚

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