Life is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful

“Life is Beautiful” – What a cliched phrase right? But how often do we realize the meaning of these three words? In this busy life, we find ourselves engulfed in so many negative emotions. Lets take the example of a simple emotion called “Worry”. We worry about our job, salary, fitness, etc. etc. Many of us even feel worrying is healthy, which surprises me. Why would someone want to waste their time imagining things that might happen. But, that is human nature, complex to understand. Other common ones are fear, depression & anger. Fear of an accident makes you dependent on others, depression separates you from yourself & anger makes you do things you regret later. How can we justify the place of these emotions in our life? These are the chains that hold us back from living our life to the fullest, be & feel happy all the time.

Often I am reminded of the words my father-in-law told me before I returned to US – “Life is Beautiful. Just be happy.” I do feel angry, sad & afraid from time to time but these words remind me that life is not about being sad or angry. It is about experiencing, understanding these emotions, let them go & be happy. Letting go of something is a challenge in itself. But once you let go, you will see that “Life…is…Beautiful“.


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