Effect of Chicago’s lakefront trail

Every other day at around 4-5 pm I leave my apartment for a walk. Going down the small streets towards the lake shore drive I keep an eye on the blue lake’s shoreline. There is a tunnel that goes to the lakefront trail at the Division street intersection. While stepping down the tunnel I feel lethargic & thoughts of abandoning my resolution of walking 3-4 miles occupy my mind. But as I come out of the tunnel, a feeling of being intoxicated rushes through me. I feel like I can do anything. Yes I can run a Marathon! This is the effect lakefront trail in Chicago has on you. Here is a picture from my iPhone.

Do you have a place that makes you feel excited about exercising? If yes, please feel free to share it by leaving a comment.



2 thoughts on “Effect of Chicago’s lakefront trail

  1. wonderuful post. and yes i do have a place that makes me feel excited about exercising, the beach at the bay, that wonderful sea air.. ; )

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