Tips on work from home

Office Chair (Just wanted to try something different. Hence, this photo.)

Here are a few tips for people working from home,

  1. Setup your office space. For example, buy a good office desk & chair, office supplies, whiteboard etc. This is very important for getting into the work mood.
  2. Try to work during usual office hours. This way, you will be able to communicate with your colleagues & would have an office like environment.
  3. Take a proper lunch break. Go out or eat on your dinning table.
  4. Maintain & follow a to-do list. This would help in being more productive & also it feels good when you see all the check marks.
  5. Prefer calling people instead of email. This helps a lot as working from home tends to make you feel disconnected from the world.
  6. Stop working after 8-9 hours. Enjoy your evenings. It is hard to stop working when we do not have to get up & go home.
  7. Get up every few hours from your chair. In an office, this happens when we go for coffee or lunch or at least at the end of the day when you leave to go home.
  8. Try to go for a walk or exercise in a gym. This is a very good habit to keep.

Feel free to share your tips in comments below. Happy Working!


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