Photography & an Important Lesson in Life

As I started capturing patterns reflected by the vase below, I was thinking my photography session would end with as few as 2 shots. But, after taking a few close up pictures of it’s glowing reflection, Sun started playing hide & seek with us (Me & my Nikon ;)).Beautiful patterns would fade away & return to the window surface laughing at me. I would smile back & take more photos. This continued for another 4 to 5 gaming session. At last, I gave up & got back to work. I transferred these to my computer yesterday & was surprised to find the below picture. The whole time I was trying to capture a close up photo, but actually the one composed of with the surroundings came out better. This reminds me of an important lesson in life – “Try to see the whole picture & not just a part of it”. Meaning, try to understand what life is/has given you rather than noticing the small things it has not. Try to see what a person has/is giving you rather than finding faults in them.

Appreciating life is easy. Just be happy! 🙂


One thought on “Photography & an Important Lesson in Life

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