Good Luck Plant

My mom loved having plants around the house. I remember how excited she used to be when one of her loving nieces would bring a small plant to keep in our windows. We had a box grill attached to our window which would hold anything ;). She herself would go buy one & nurture it every day. I am not an avid plant lover but I love greenery like my mom. Well I like many things my mom used to like. Here is my first plant gifted to me in 2010. There is a short story behind this gift. You see, people say a good luck plant should never be bought for oneself. It should be a gift. So, here we (my aunty & I) were in an Ikea store and both wanted to buy this plant in front of us. So, finally we decided we would buy it for each other. It has travelled homes & states since then :).


4 thoughts on “Good Luck Plant

  1. My dad is very much like your mom. He has plants everywhere – our kitchen is half jungle so I love having plants now too. They cover my desk. Awesome post. 🙂

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