My food from past 5 days


Are you thinking that I am dieting…see the pic again :-). I love food..n the reason behind this is…wisdom tooth extraction. Yes..a month ago I went to dentist for a toothache. Turns out I had an infection in one of the wisdom tooth. It was a family dental clinic & the doctor referred me to a specialist for that particular tooth removal. So..infection month passed & here I was at the specialist’s clinic with my Husband. Yes, my sweet husband accompanied me to the dentist. I filled the usual forms & was called in by the assistant doctor. She examined by teeth & put up the panoramic x-ray on the screen when the doctor entered. I was embarrassed at the picture of my teeth. I was very lazy in brushing & never took care of my teeth as a child. Upon that the addiction of sugar runs in my family. Hence, I got tooth problems from 6th grade onwards. I hate going to a dentist. Tooth pains are like hell. And believe me the wisdom tooth extraction pain is number one on the charts. Anyways, back to my dentist visit, after examining the x-ray, I was suggested to remove all four of my wisdom teeth in one sitting. First I thought the doctor had gone paranoid or may be I was hearing wrong. But he said most of the people go for multiple extractions because all the pain & mess would be over in one go. I thought about it but was adamant on getting only one tooth removed. He told me to sit outside for a while, while they provided the cost of surgery. This is the system in US. So, I went outside & my husband thought the task was finished. I told him about the whole extraction suggestion scenario & my decision (I felt good about it). Little did I know that he would be taking the doctors’ side. I had to listen to him as he had already gone through the whole process. Finally, I was convinced to get all the four teeth pulled out. Again, I found myself sitting in the now surgery room (it was same as examination room, only some more equipment). My mouth was injected 10 times with analgesic and was free of all wisdom teeth in few minutes. I was hardly awake to bid good bye to them. Feeling sleepy, I sluggishly trailed out behind the assistant doc towards my hubby. He held me tight whole way home. I know it was just a tooth surgery, but someone banging metal instruments in your mouth to remove a few teeth is not fun. Now, you know the story behind this diet of mine. You too will someday be feeding on these frozen & cool food items. Until then, savor thy food :-).

Bon Appétit!


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