Last weekend I attended my old roommates graduation ceremony. It was a nostalgic feeling as I was setting foot on my university grounds after 3 years & that too on the G-Day. My parents had flown all the way from India for my graduation ceremony in 2009. In India we do not have a graduation ceremony. So, it was a big event. Another reason was I had completed my post-graduation. First girl in my family to achieve a masters degree in US. All thanks to my parents & grandparents. Now, when I think of their support & decision to send me miles across the world for education, my proud heart beats louder. I admire their love, courage & trust more than ever. I owe it to them.

There are many big moments in life like this but small moments are the ones that we cherish the most. Like, the time when I asked my grand mother & father if it was okay for me to go to US for studies & they said yes. The time when my mother & father wore my graduation cap & smiled like new graduates. The time when my brother received my graduation folder & read the message I had inscribed for him. And last but not the least, when my husband & I stood together in front of the camera as graduates & let our caps fly :). These were the moments that describe my grad day. What were yours?

Congratulations!! class of 2012.


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