Kreativ Blogger Award

Thanks a bunch to C.B.Wentworth for awarding this to me. When I first read her post on Kreativ blogger award, I did not know what it was. I clicked on the blogger who passed it on to her. I then understood how encouraging the blogger community is. This is the greatest support anyone can give to us bloggers to keep up with our creative muses. There have been many times when I see such wonderful posts/photos from fellow bloggers that I feel I should stop posting. But then I take a positive attitude & am inspired by them to hone my skills. I love writing & photography and blogging is a fun place to be.

Here are a few things that you need to do when you are awarded the Kreativ Blogger,
1) Thank and link back to the awarding blog
2) Answer the following 7 questions.
3) Provide 10 random factoids about yourself.
4) Pass it on to 7 deserving blogs

Q & A

  1. What’s your favorite song? – There are so many. Music just brightens up my day. Especially hindi movie songs ;).
  2. What is your favorite dessert? – Chocolate Tuxedo Cream Cheese Cake at Cheesecake factory.
  3. What do you do when you’re upset? – I try to calm myself which takes a lot of effort.
  4. Which is your favorite pet? – I never had pets growing up. May be sometime in future as my husband is fond of Huskies.
  5. Black or white? – Depends. For example, I would always choose Black over white for a car.
  6. What is your biggest fear? – Being under water I guess.
  7. What is your attitude, mostly? – Try to find positive in every situation.

10 Random Facts

  1. I am ambidextrous.
  2. I love listening to music while cooking.
  3. I Watched Matrix reloaded with my younger brother & his friends.
  4. I feel cutting veggies is like meditating. You really need to give all your attention ;).
  5. Sometimes when I am stressed, I hit the wall in my head. Hope this makes sense.
  6. I try to scare my husband when he comes home from work. It is so much fun.
  7. After getting married, I found cooking to be very creative and refreshing.
  8. I can watch TV whole day.
  9. I can be in a group & not know what everyone is talking about.
  10. And last but not the least, I try not to burn my toast everyday :-).

7 Amazingly Kreativ Blogs:

For me these are the most inspiring blogs as well.


4 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger Award

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  2. When I read this post I realized that I had missed out on so many of your posts’!! n this one is so awesome! congrats Pooja on the award, better late than never, n thanks to the blogging community too for encouraging you!! I am so happy to see this and the idea of telling sharing seven facts about oneself, and answering questions, of a few which I am already aware of!!! 🙂 😀

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