Critics..why do we need them?

Blogging has been a journey that has taught, inspired & kept me going.  My first blog was a disaster. I had published only one post & had cribbed about a certain problem from start to finish. I also got a critical comment which made me angry & I felt like chasing down that fellow & demanding an explanation, perhaps give him a kick. I couldn’t do that as he was an unknown person, a good thing. As time passed, I realized how important critics are. My husband & brother are my biggest critics. To be honest, I used to get annoyed at them when they said my post was not good enough or that picture could be better. But soon I realized that they were the reason I was pushing myself to be better at blogging & photography.

Who are/is the critic in your life & how do they affect your work/creativity?

Critics approved photograph 😉


4 thoughts on “Critics..why do we need them?

  1. I like the drama in the photo!!! The critic just take it as a gain of salt, you can’t please all of them. Just have it your way don’t mind them. Do what ever you love. Cheers Nonoy Manga

  2. My best friend Elana is definitely my own personal critic. I just started writing my blog a couple months ago and it’s been tough figuring out exactly what that means. I’m a busy student and just began applying for graduate school, but Elana is always pushing me to write every week and be serious about it. At first I was offended that she could be so harsh and tell me when my ideas were flops. But now I’m really thankful to have someone who cares enough to encourage me to do my best 🙂

    By the way I absolutely love your hermit crab! Great picture!

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