A Blogger without Inspiration

For almost two weeks, I did not click, think or write. I spent my time with friends, learning to swim, reading, cooking and, of course, working. My mind wandered back to this blog & I started pondering what would be the topic of my next post. To my surprise, I couldn’t think of any. My IT self seemed normal and new ideas kept on flowing. But, what happened to the blogger? She seemed to be sulking, sitting on the corner of a couch. Inspiration had gone poof. Suddenly, a thunderous roar on a mundane day brought forth her curiosity. Seeing the aircraft hovering over the apartment, she unpacked her camera and started clicking. Muse and inspiration had returned to her. She was a happy blogger again :-).

Moral of the story – Do not keep thinking. Start clicking, drawing, writing or whatever it is you do and it will all come back to you.

And if you are in Chicago, do not forget to watch the Air & Water show this weekend. Njoy!


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