5 min mug cake – is this for real?

This week has been wonderful with regards to cooking. I tried different cuisines and learned quite a few new Indo-chinese, South Indian, Italian & Mediterranean dishes. I found this recipe for 5 min mug cake on www.cookingandme.com. I was skeptical but decided to give it a try.

After getting the results, I texted the picture to my brother.

Me: Does this look like a 5 min cake?

Bro: It’s nice. Is it solid? Looks like a pool of chocolate.

Me: Yes..made in microwave…2 mins to cook & 3 mins of prep time.

Bro: Unbelievable amount of fat but looks great.

Me: Yes but its just a small cup.

Bro: Is it a cake or a pudding? (Verifying again)

Me: It’s a solid cake. Can you believe it?

Bro: With you & food, I can believe anything. One day you will make onion cake if you care.

Me: 😀 (with pride)

Do try the 5 min mug cake. It’s delicious. Enjoy!


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