Why is it difficult to change yourself?

I believe there is at least one thing in ourselves that we all want to change. For example, the way we react in a recurring situation or a habit etc. Often we behave the same way as we have done many times before, when we vowed never ever to react under that quality’s influence again.In movies they show that the actor is able to change after a few attempts and it makes me wonder why it doesn’t happen in real life?

I have this innate behavior acquired while growing up that I would like to change. I thought I was successful in changing it until today when I reacted the way I used to. You see sometimes while talking to someone (mostly with my family) my only focus is to convey my thoughts. Somehow I am locked in this frame of mind and come out only after I am done speaking. After which I realize the heaviness in my head and the high volume of my tone. Usually, I am calm and happy but in times like these I realize that I reacted in a way that I myself dislike. When I talk to my close ones about this, they tell me to try to think of something else or remember to monitor my temper and thoughts at such times. But this happens only when I least expect and I wonder how can someone watch their thoughts every time they talk. I forget to do that and I think most of us do. So the cycle keeps on repeating itself and I guess it will until I keep on repeating the change that I want to see in myself.

These inbuilt behaviors, nature mechanisms are hidden and surface unknowingly. Only when you concentrate and think deeply, you realize that it might be something that you picked up and not a part of your actual personality. Over the years, we have repeated these behaviors so many times that they have become the equivalent of a habit hard to break. Nonetheless, I will keep trying to change these small irregularities in my nature, for that is the only way.

What about you? Do you have a behavioral or natural flaw that you would like to change?

Walk up the stairs to change yourself :)

Walk up the steps to change yourself 🙂


2 thoughts on “Why is it difficult to change yourself?

  1. Nice post Pooja, definitely a mind boggling thought…. I remember reading somewhere once that people scream or end up being rude to one another when they are angry because their hearts drift away from one another, in order to fill that void we shout and feel we need to hurt them to make a point….so may be that is one of the reasons we react the way we do with our loved ones

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