Lesson learnt in photography

I used to think that editing photos was not important. The thought came from laziness to learn Photoshop software. When I first started using Gimp a free photo editing software very similar to Adobe Photoshop, I hated the overly crowded display with many options. For a photographer the options are like jewels that will enhance the beauty of their photos or transform them into completely different images. But for someone like me who just wanted to click good photos it was truck loads of garbage that needed sorting.

As an amateur photographer I believed that true beauty in photography lies in the ones you click. I kept thinking about the beautiful landscapes I saw on national geographic website and wondered if such places exist. I did apply a few tricks to my landscape photos but never felt they were up to the mark. So, one day my brother asked me to buy Pixelmator software from app store. I was hesitant at first as I was getting used to GIMP. I did not need a new photo edit software. As I started using Pixelmator, I realized how easy it was to edit photos. It made me fall in love with photography all over again. I love the results I can see while applying effects. If you want to change the monotone color, just move the color wheel and the image reflects the change. It is like painting music on a photo. When you are satisfied with a color you like, just stop and click ok. Isn’t it wonderful? Let me show you an original picture and edited one. Don’t you think the edited one is a different image in itself?

Lesson learnt (Thanks to my brother)- Editing is as important as clicking photos 😉


Original photo

Original photo

Photo after cropping and applying Vintage effect.

Edited photo.


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