Home is where the heart belongs

More than six years ago, I came to USA for a master’s degree. Ever since, life has been a train of events. There would always be some cause of worry on my mind. Be it campus & full-time jobs, visas, paying bills, etc. You cross one step and you get another one that is equally tricky. Please don’t think that I am complaining. Life has been good to me. When I use to travel back home, I kept saying I will be back soon. But I always felt that I wanted to live in both places. I was the bird who had left home, seen the world and wanted to keep wandering but be at home at the same time.

I visited home again last month. Well, it’s two homes now since I got married. We travelled to three cities in 5 weeks, attended my cousin’s wedding where we had a blast and just enjoyed each & every moment. Never once did I feel the need to play a game to pass time, check emails every 5 mins or call someone because I felt lonely. Time went by and I wouldn’t realize when the day got over. I thought about this and wondered if it was due to the fact that we were only there for a few weeks. I then recollected my childhood days when I used to play cards with my grandmother, have fun watching TV with my brother, sang songs played on the radio with my mom cooking in the kitchen, listened to my father’s funny office stories at night and spoke for endless hours on phone with my friends. I again pondered about where those days went by. I also realized that I have always been a people person. I like being around people, talking and taking care of them. So, this time when we returned back, although I was alright, I knew that my heart belongs in India, my home.

Below is the picture of my cousin’s hands. Bride’s in India always wear a bunch of bangles & apply Mehndi (Henna) 1-2 days before the wedding. Doesn’t it look beautiful?

Indian bride hands

Bridal Hand 2


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