A friend in a sibling

My mother once told me how much I missed her when my brother was born. I was 2 and a half years old and would throw tantrums on every visit to the hospital. Later, I was the one who named my baby brother.


Didi, wake up. It’s 8am and the cartoon show is going to start”. This is how my brother would wake me up every Sunday to watch “The flying house” cartoon on Doordarshan (India’s national channel).


As we progressed to secondary (middle) school, we started discussing school and family issues in our kitchen at 10pm in the night.  That’s when we started sharing and supporting each other. Of course, we did not stop fighting and scratching each others faces with fingernails. And sometimes we would just have a pillow fight for fun.


While growing up, my brother didn’t like to attend family functions. So, I would convince my mom to let him stay home. He was very good at studies (among top 5 students in his class) and was the shining star of our family. I was talkative and less studious than him. Many times I felt jealous of his looks and the fact that he was a boy. As a male child, he was treated like a king and would not fetch his own lunch/dinner plate at home. But that changed once I complained and he listened :-). He has always been a good listener.


Start of Cartoon Network in India was a disastrous year for me. Our whole summer vacation would go in watching Cartoon Network. Thanks to my lil sibling’s stubbornness, I like action films and enjoy watching all kinds of films from romantic to action to anime.

My movie companion for Matrix, LOTR and Harry potter, I remember us being glued to the TV every time these movies were On. We watched “The Matrix” almost 10 times and would then have a long discussion after the movie trying to understand it. We were also  fascinated by the action scenes in “Two towers” and wished we knew sword fighting.


Having a sibling is like having a friend in family. You can confide in them and feel like your whole family is there supporting you.

What do you think? Are you best friends with your brother or sister?



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