We had a Bollywood movie being filmed in Chicago downtown last year. The film was scheduled to shoot for 3-4 months in summer within 5 miles of my apartment. Every day I would think of going to watch the filming at 3pm but would never get up from my home office desk. Eventually, the crew went back home and I was left thinking why I did not go. Upon talking to my brother, he pointed out the primary reason being it was not on my priority list. That was the first time I thought of personal priorities. He was right. Which made me think of other things that I had been neglecting. Like skipping exercise, cleaning the house or postponing laundry etc. Somehow, I never prioritize personal things. But now that I realize the culprit behind not finishing my personal to dos, I try not to procrastinate anymore. Still there are days when I feel lazy to return phone calls or go to the gym. Another fact of life, you can keep on improving. Isn’t it so? 🙂

Surprisingly, one afternoon while I was trying to locate a store, I reached the film set. No shooting was going on, no star cast but I took the picture below.

Set of Dhoom 3 in Chicago downtown

Set of Dhoom 3 in Chicago downtown


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