Tamarind chile ice cream

I stumbled upon this dessert on “Unique Sweets” show on food network this Sunday. The idea of tamarind ice cream sounded weird and exciting. Exciting because I had never thought of eating it, let alone making it at home. Recipe looked really simple on the show and I got measurements from this website – Paletas-de-Tamarindo-y-Chile

Made it yesterday and tasted it today morning. A delicious frozen candy! That’s what it felt like. When you take a bite, you first feel the cold, then the tangy tamarind taste followed by a sweet taste. Lastly, you are hit by the spice from chile. Try out this different at home experience with your loved ones. They might think you have gone mad but seeing their expression would be fun enough.

Here is a picture. I have Indian Kulfi cups. So it looks like a tamarind kulfi ice cream. Enjoy!



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