100th Post: Dedicated to Creativity

Finally, I reached a century in something :). I had hoped of reaching this magic number sooner and already had a post in mind for it. But now that the day has finally arrived, the idea is totally different. This post is dedicated to “Creativity”. How much has it done for us. Do we really think about it? Appreciate it? I think not. If it weren’t for creativity, humans would be bored. Even a small burst of creative idea gives us a stimulation of fresh energy. Makes us the happiest and most satisfied person. Doesn’t matter how minute the new idea is. It is new, it is different and it puts our positivity in motion. If you want to be a positive person, try doing something new every day. Doesn’t matter if its cooking a new recipe from a food blog or turning kitchen upside down trying your own. Just do it. Even if the outcome is not as you expected, you will feel rejuvenated. That’s what a creative process is all about. Rejuvenating your senses, your whole being.

From past two weeks, I have been editing and posting a photo on my Flickr feed almost every day. Not only did I improve but also learned a lot from other Flickr member photos.

Below is one of my favorite pics as I never thought it would look like this when I clicked it :). First time I could compare photography to writing fiction. You can transform your photos to something more. Similar to transforming your character into someone he could never imagine to become.

Lovers Vacationing

Lovers Vacationing



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