I have varied interests and it’s hard to immerse into one thing for a long time. One week I am photographing, another cooking new recipes and then writing, blogging, reading etc..If I had more time, I would keep learning every creative pursuit I came across. Here is my first attempt at pottery. A wonderful workshop themed “Tea for two” at Lincoln Square Pottery Studio, a non-profit in Chicago.

   This was a handbuilding session and we were four students with one instructor. We first started off with kneading the clay like a bread dough. Kneading clay is not that easy but thankfully it’s only a few minutes task. Then, we beat the clay dough by throwing it hard on the table to make it a bit flat. Ed, our instructor said these two steps help remove air bubbles from the clay which would break your creation due to high temperatures in the kiln. It was then rolled out like a paratha by using a machine and any remaining air bubbles were pricked with a needle like tool. Once, everyone was done with this process, we were given arced shaped papers which would turn into a cup if you stuck the ends together. I started tracing one on my piece of clay. I also took a crocheted napkin with flower pattern and pressed it on the clay to embed the design. Finally, I lifted off the piece very carefully and stuck the ends together making a cup. We performed similar processes for making base of the cup, handle and the saucer. It was a great class with lots of useful information & tips for beginners.

  I am happy to have morning tea in my handmade cup :). Another reminder that I want to learn more. Next workshop at the studio is on Wheelthrowing. Do give it a try.

Tea for two

Tea for two

Teacup with my name on it :D

Teacup with my name on it 😀


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