Simple things and memories

It’s interesting how simple things remind us of memories from past. We don’t remember them often as they were usual mundane acts we used to carry on without much thought. But one day when we are so much farther away from that memory, the sudden reminder makes us smile. Today I found below orange juicer purchased 2 years ago and remembered my mom and grandmother. They used to juice oranges in summer for myself and bro using the same simple juicer. You might think that it’s not a great memory but since they are not here today, this simple thing made a big difference. I felt both of them were with me when I cut the tangerines in half and worked on extracting every drop from it. That’s what my grandmother used to do. I could see her wrinkled hands and diligence at work. I could see my mom smiling and handing us the glasses. Just these simple thoughts are enough to make anyone smile. I am sure many of you also experience the same and hopefully you take a minute to realize their importance in this busy life.

Cheers and keep smiling!

Orange Juicer


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