Baby Kicking

My brother has asked me a few times – “how does it feel when the baby moves?”. I always say it feels wonderful. But I know he is looking for a more detailed answer. Even my husband often wonders the same and says “That’s one thing that men cannot experience” :-).

In my 16th week of pregnancy, I tried feeling our little one’s kicks by placing hands on my tummy to see if I can sense the kicks. Surprisingly, after waiting for a few minutes, I felt a soft poke below my hand. The feeling was magical and weird as I realized for the first time that a tiny being was growing inside me. I felt like an alien in my body. I would let out a small happy laugh whenever I felt her kicks. In the later weeks, I tried having my husband feel our little one’s kicks but he never could, until I was 24+ weeks. When he finally felt the baby move, he was a mixture of surprise and happiness – a little boy who wanted to play with the tiny new person in his life.

I have lost control of my belly as the baby’s kicks are getting stronger. It’s her playground and changes in different spherical shapes as she moves. Now, I am in my last few weeks of pregnancy and it only takes her a minute or two to high five us. Well now it’s more like a punch on both sides of belly letting us know “Do not disturb. I am napping in here.” 🙂

Pregnant woman blogging :)

Pregnant woman blogging 🙂



5 thoughts on “Baby Kicking

  1. Hi Pooja! This is Dhvani (dhara’s cousin from ghatkopar) remember? don;t ask how i found your blog.. thru your fb profile, but i cannot add you there somehow.. privacy settings! How are you???
    congratulations dear!

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