Being Mommy

My mom had always been a light sleeper as far as I knew. She used to often tell me that any sound in the house and she would immediately wake up. I never thought about it much while growing up except that mom was always there when we were scared at night or needed anything during her nap time. I never thought that she could have slept better in her younger days. The fact is we never inquire much about our parents younger days. Even if we do, it’s only the questions that arise during that particular stage of our lives. For example, when we are in school the topics would be studies or games etc., college would be love, future n goals etc. So, back to my mom’s sleep. I thought about it a few days back when I woke up to my daughter’s voice in the middle of the night. Nothing serious, she was just making sounds in her sleep. Sometimes she laughs, cries and coos. I have become a light sleeper since I became a mum and I realized it might have been the same for my mother as well. These are tiny details of our parents lives that we never notice or think about. If she were here, I would have asked her about it. I would have asked her many such questions on being a mom.

So, to all the girls planning to have a kid someday, ask your mom to write down or record a video on how was her experience as a young mom. Some questions to ask might be about her delivery experience, postpartum blues, bonding with you, change in people’s perception towards her etc. Hope you can get some good answers in case those memories are buried under other bigger memories of life or before it’s too late.

As for my daughter, I have started a blog recording her firsts and funny incidents, so she can cherish my memories with her infant and toddler years in case I forget the details in future :-).


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