Goodbye Chicago :-(

Most usual thing about leaving a place you have long resided at is that – just a day before leaving you realize you missed doing so many things. For example in my case, I missed going for kayaking in Michigan river, forgot to see Chicago history museum which is 2 blocks from my apartment, hardly tried any restaurants at wells street behind my apt etc. Of course I have gone for site seeing a numerous amounts of time while staying here on n off for 6 plus years. Yes you read that right, my husband and I have lived here for long and love the city. We met here, dated, explored the city together, graduated, celebrated our first few years of marriage and had our daughter here. So many memories are associated with this beautiful city that it’s hard to leave. Hope to be back someday to live here again. I always tell my husband that Chicago would be the place I would want to stay when I grow old. Spend my days in bliss looking at the serene lake.

May our paths cross again O’Dear Chicago :).


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