A Sci-fi conversation

Me: Alexa, play a song. (Alexa is Amazon echo)

Alexa doesn’t respond :-(. So I change modulation of my voice and say

Me: Allexa…play a song

Same response…no response.. :-(. I try a few more times before giving up. My husband sees me struggling with Echo and comes to rescue. 

Hubby: Alexa, play a song.

Alexa: What song from your music library would like me to play.

Hubby to me: You need to talk loud. Be more confident.

Me: Echo can’t hear me no matter how loud I talk. My voice frequency is inaudible to her.

Hubby: hmm…your voice is too soft. Machines can’t hear you.

Me: Hey..you know what. In future, when AI takes over mankind, they will use my voice to communicate secret messages 😎 (Feeling proud 😉)

Hubby: Yes sentinels won’t be able to hear you.




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