End of another year

Another year has gone by and a new one is beginning in few hours. The first thing that comes to my mind every year end is that my parents won’t be able to see it. Every new movie that comes out and makes me laugh, touches my heart or just makes me happy, I feel my parents missed seeing that movie. When my daughter says a new word, sings, dances or does anything new, I feel they missed seeing their grand daughter and their daughter (a mom now) grow up. Then, a hard thought hits me – “My time is running out” and my mind goes through a flashback of all the moments that I wasted with negative emotions and energy during the whole year. The thought that follows is that I missed taking care of my health during the year and next year health should be my focus. And that’s how all the new year resolutions start building up. As I go through a list of new year resolutions I try to remember if they were on my list last year but I don’t seem to remember if I made any resolutions for the year that just ended. Finally, I decide not to make any resolutions. 

But, somehow my mind cannot settle for a new year without resolutions. So, this year my resolution is going to be  – “Just relax, be happy, no negativity”. Hopefully, I can make this into a habit and remove it from the list altogether 😄.

What goes through your mind at the end and start of a year?


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