Should you buy a smart watch

I thought about this a lot – Should I spend money on a smart watch? Is it worth it? What would be the benefits of owning a smart watch? Like a phone, a watch isn’t a necessity. It’s just a nice to have. There are cheap smart watch options available on Amazon to get phone calls and text alerts. But if you are spending money you might as well go for a good model with additional features like fitness, gps and much more.

As I was interested in owning a wearable device, I tried pebble time first. Pebble’s price range seemed reasonable. The simple interface of pebble, the ease of setup, sleep and fitness monitoring were likable. But the lack of speaker phone and functionality to answer phone calls were a turn down. My main reason for trying out a smart watch was to refrain myself from using iPhone in front of my 2yr old who has acquired an affinity for phones. You could argue that if a toddler can learn how to use a phone and open YouTube by themselves, they can surely figure out any smart device. That would be correct but the tiny display on smart watches isn’t something that catches their eye much.

I have been using Apple Watch for over a month now. The integration of watch with iPhone and life feels seamless. I don’t have to hold on to my phone unless I want to send long messages or make phone calls in private. For most part of the day, I forget I am wearing the watch. Tap notifications are a reminder. It took some time to remember that I can look at the time on my wrist instead of the computer or phone :-).

The watch has helped me set fitness goals. Every week I set a calorie, exercise and stand goal for each day of the coming week. You get reward badges for various achievements from going over your goal to achieving a new maximum. It has helped me exercise more. GPS taps are a plus although it takes some time to get used to it. For most part, my hands feel free from having to hold something (My phone) all the time.

One hesitation I had before buying the watch was the attachment we have to our phones now-a-days. There isn’t a place where we don’t take our phones with us. I should say most of us. So, my concern was that this addiction of being connected will increase with the watch. Not quite so. I hardly check my phone for messages or call alerts. I know the ever so helpful Taptic Engine will alert me as soon as they are delivered. The most used app on my phone now is kindle.

Often I have made phone calls from my wrist while cooking, walking towards the car or doing laundry. It’s just so easy and feels like the technology is invisible. We are in the future NOW.