Rejuvenating Splashes

The lake had been calling me from past 3 days. It was yesterday evening that I decided to step out after a hectic day with only 15 mins of lunch break. My eyes were tired from looking at the computer screen from past 8 hours. I left my apartment & immediately felt alive as fresh air rushed through me. Looking at the green trees & the sky made my eyes feel refreshed & relaxed. I walked past the old houses besides high-rise apartments, bus stops on lake shore drive & passing through the tunnel came out to a vigorous looking lake. The waves looked as high as 5 feet and it was a mesmerizing site. Don’t believe me? Look at the pictures below. Apologies for the poor photos. Wish I had my SLR with me :|.

20120427-235642.jpg20120427-235732.jpg20120427-235819.jpgHave a Great Weekend!!


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